The decision to start this blog was inspired by my ex boyfriend and my best friend.  As much as I would like to think that it was their overwhelming support of my artistic endeavors, I secretly believe that they were simply sick to death of hearing me complain over and over again about the shit that happens on any given day in the middle of any given production.

This blog won’t simply be an outlet for my complaints.  I hope that I will occasionally have moments of real genius and insight to share about my life, my career, my friends and family, my past and my future. Perhaps I will be witty and wry and dare I hope? Entertaining.  And since I hope to stay alive long enough to pay off my mortgage, it is probably better that my I don’t name names to protect both the innocent and the guilty; since you all know where I live (well, you have a 5050 chance of being right).

SCENE FROM THE PASSENGER SEAT is a photo essay that I began many years before blogs existed.  For 15 years I have been traveling the world, watching it speed by while my clients and crew slept off their nights of drunken revelry or their 24 hour journeys from far away places.  And me, the ever vigilant keeper of the clock,  the map and bottled water supplies, couldn’t bear to sleep through what could be my only opportunity to see a man in Malawi riding a bicycle while balancing a live chicken on his head or the world’s largest ball of string; even if it was at 80 miles per hour.   So, I grabbed my camera and started shooting.

Along the way, I started collecting stories of the: “You won’t believe it variety:”  stories of extremely bad behavior, hilarious and ridiculous moments and completely unrealistic expectations.  And so, after my most recent humiliation, whereby I was FIRED for refusing to finance another producer’s job in a foreign country, (more about that later), my EX and my BFF convinced me that it was really time to share this with the world.  So whether I end up with a devoted following, or this simply becomes an outlet for some kind of catharsis… Here it goes: I present to the world:  SCENE FROM THE PASSENGER SEAT: A producer’s journey.

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