My laptop died at 3:30pm. Just like that. Poof. Screen black. Won’t turn on. The day before I fly. I think it is spite on my Mac’s part. She just doesn’t want to go to .

So I tear over to the geniuses at TekServe, hoping, praying they will do one of those secret little keyboard tricks they have and reignite the power supply or something.

But they can’t turn it on either.

Panic sets in.

If a computer fails in productionlandia, and the producer doesn’t have an extra one, can you really have a production?

The good news is that I have Apple Care and it won’t cost me a penny to fix her. The bad news: it will take a week. Remember that Alanis Morrisette song? It won’t cost a cent to save her. But it will cost me the same amount to rent one for three weeks as it will to buy a new one. Isn’t it ironic?

I bit the bullet. I bought a new laptop.

Now here is the thing. This is NOT the first time she has failed me the night before I fly! She completely crapped out in THE MIDDLE OF BACKING HER UP. Can you believe it? Spiteful bitch!

The techs at TEKSERVE know me by name. Some of them even say hello to me in Spanish. It may have something to do with the hyperventilating, crying jag that ensued in the middle of their user friendly, mac-happy, waiting area 6 months earlier. I know I am probably not the first person to really lose it at TEKSERVE, but really.. I lost it. It started slowly with my quivering lip, and soon I was being offered a chair BEHIND the counter and a box of Kleenex. It turns out I was VERY lucky. My data WAS recoverable. And I now have the world’s most expensive hard drive. I think the tekserve folks are gods.

Do you think she knows that she is traveling? Do you think she resents it when TSA demands that she is removed from her cozy neoprene security blanket? Do you think she gets jet-lagged or suffers from traveler’s malaise? Is she mad that I am upgrading to business class without her? Does she resent crossing the equator and being subjected to severe temperature changes?

So, it turns out that she has come back to me with a clean bill of health. New logic board, new RAM, new battery, new keyboard. She is spic and span and lovely.

The really, really ironic part? The client delayed the shoot at the last minute.. And I didn’t actually fly out until, yes you guessed it….the day she came back from the Apple Depot.

So, now I have 2 bitches. Anyone looking for a used laptop? PLEASE ?!



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